Catch Up

How To Catch Up To Rest Of The World … In 2 Days

Everyone in business knows that they need to catch up with new technology but few know how to or where to turn for advice. Even fewer have the time.

Catch Up is a 2-day plan that shows you exactly what you need to do to make your business new again.

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Some Of The Tools You’ll Discover




Your customers need much more than just a monthly invoice. Basecamp creates a truly collaborative working relationship with them



You are tracking all of your conversations and interactions with customers, right? Learn how to (easily) with Highrise


Google Apps

Much more than just search. Discover the stunning suite of online tools that Google’s got for your business



True business mobility for you and your whole team. You’ll see that Dropbox is much more than just a safe back-up option



I know you’re on it but is it actually helping your business grow? Read about how to use Facebook for your business



Your website needs to begin a conversation with your customers and prospects. Learn the most effective way to do that







About The Author


Wayne Butcher

I’m a businessman, a helicopter pilot, a cyclist, a traveller and author. I’ve been in business ever since I left school. I’ve had my own, I’ve built others’ and I’m always interested in business success stories.

I spent years studying technology as a fascinated observer and an avid adopter. I got the chance to implement my strong knowledge of the latest technology in a business that asked me for help. The difference in their operations before and after was so great that I decided to write about my experience so that you might get the chance to reap the same benefits.

This is a simple 2-day plan. It’s the best parts of my research and experience. It’s designed to give you a platform for brilliant, online operations, whatever business you might be in.

Read the book, get the Workbook and invest the 2 days. You’ll be so glad you did.






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